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You can download the PDF from this link ———>  BH3 Run No. 2462


Hash Sheet

Run No. 2462.

Date: 3rd Sept. 2018.

Location: Dirt lot near DCR Residance,  Juffair.

Occasion: The ultimate hangover hash.

Attendees: 25 or so.

GM: The GM welcomed us all and informed us that as our brains had been subjected to so much alcohol abuse over the last 4 days, that we needed to cure the hangover in traditional hash fashion, in other words, drink more!

Virgins: None

Visitors: Just Ravin from Seattle, Self Sucker from the USA, Cunill-Wont-Us, Just Bilal from Lebanon, Just Dennis, Long Balls of the Law and Just Erin.

Retardees: Dick on the Table and Just Ali.

Announcements: Codswallop did his best to entice us to his weekly quiz at Wembley.

Bitch 3 Hash every Friday in September.

Chalk talk: Ladies needed to bring cash, not so much the guys! That gave us a hint as to where this run was headed.

The usual hash symbols were explained for the newcomers. Conga line, fishhook etc.

While the hare was given a 10 minute start, we were treated to a few verses of “Coached and Dusty”, A bit like “Father Abraham”.

On On: We finally got going through the tower blocks of Juffair. At one stage there was a “London Bridge” check, where one had to crawl on hands and knees through the legs of the pack, standing close together.

After skinning our knees, we continued on and the flour trail came to a temporary stop at Rick’s Country Kitchen. Here, to the delight of the male hashers, was an unbelievable offer of three free cocktails, for men only! Sorry girls! What a change this to the usual, highly discriminatory offers of free drinks to women only.

There was an enormous queue at the bar for the free drinks, but everybody got their helpings.

It was a short stagger back to the car park after all that and then up to the rooftop pool of the DCR Residence for the circle.

Run Length: 5km.

Temperature: 36 Degrees.

Circle up: There was a virgin after all, Just Adam from Bahrain. We also had a retardee, Phantom Orgasm, who apparently was too busy having orgasms on airplanes to be bothered cuming on the hash. This was greeted as bullshit!

Visitors: 7 in all. Just Dennis, Just Erin, Cunill-Wont-Us, Longballs of the Law, Self Sucker, Just Ravin and Just Bilal.

Score: This was “self critiqued” by the hare. Food and free cocktails earned a score of 69!

Down downs: The FRBs were first up. Virgin Manwitch and Just Jasmine were given a beer and unceremoniously dumped in the pool.

We then had a tonsil tasting competition between Just Erin and Just leah. The consensus was a draw!

Wanker of the week: Just Erin was a nominee for peeing in the pool, peeing on Dott’s shirt and also peeing on the RA’s pants! At this stage, everybody was afraid to open their mouths, lest Erin would piss in it! Just Dennis got to share the beloved garment with her.

Raffles: PFM, Just Erin, PFM again, Just Erin again and Just Dennis walked away with the goodies.

Naming ceremony: Just Jasmine underwent some serious questioning as to her favourite sexual position, objects she has had in her mouth, before a decision was made. The final vote went to “The Pussy That Shanked Me”.