Mismanagement 2022

Mismanagement Committee for 2022/23:

1Grand MasterSpank The Turkey
3HaberdasherySplit Me Sideways
4Beer MeistersThe Master Baker & Slips Right In
5Hash CashDrag Queen
6WebmasterGreyhound Greenthumb
7Hair RaiserCCFME
8Hash FlashThe Referee

Grand Masters – Spank The Turkey
The pack is led (or misled) by the Grand Master (aka GM), in line with the general tradition of minimum organization. However, this is a facade, as there is indeed much that has to be organized when it comes to reining in weekly chaos and planning special events. A successful GM makes these chores seem transparent to the pack, but it is much work nevertheless. The GM calls periodic meetings and bails the hash out of trouble at times. Think this is too much responsibility?

Religious Advisor – Gay Pole
The RA is the arbiter of hash tradition and master of ceremonies at the on-in. When in the circle, the RA is always right, even when wrong. Other than presiding over the circle, the RA is responsible to ensure that deserving thirsts are quenched; they are fully responsible for the weather and the taste of the beer.

Hare Raiser – CCFM
Trail itself is marked by different volunteer hares each hash. The Hare Raiser keeps track of upcoming hashes and gets ‘volunteers’ to hare based on experience, matching new hares with a more experienced one. Each hasher is expected to set a hash periodically. Trails should change geographical locations regularly to avoid overlapping (crossing) previous trails.

Hash Cash – Drag Queen
The individual who tracks hash funds is known as the Hash Cash. The Hash Cash collects the fees from the On Sex and provides reimbursement for the food or refreshments used at the hash when needed. Hash Cash is responsible for protecting the Hash’s asses (On Sex does the same) and general accounting of the funds. The rest of us try to squeeze every single dinar and fills out of him!

On Sex – Drag Queen
This is not the position you may think it is! This person is responsible for  the collection of the run and membership fees at each run. keeps track of bookkeeping, off-site treasury (along with hash cash), ordering and receiving, filing and lots of boring stuff you don’t want to hear about. In truth, this is probably the most important person in the mismanagement. Buy this hasher a beer at prelube. Second thought, they control the money so maybe they should be buying you one.

Haberdasher – Split Me Side Ways
Brings great ideas to the table and gets them made into  shirts and other odd hash souvenirs (haberdashery) for the hash and sells it. The haberdasher is responsible for keeping an inventory of the haberdashery and selling as much as possible at the highest prices to the biggest suckers!

Webmeister – Greyhound Greenthumb
Vital internet guru who does web stuff.  He keeps the cyber lines of communications connected. This person works closely with the Hare Raiser to get timely updates for the details on the next upcoming trail. if the link to GPS take you to youporn,  you can usually blame this guy for it.

Curate – Slither
These guys seem to do nothing in the committee most of the time.  The curates stand in for any committee member that isn’t around for the hash that day.  You wouldn’t want them to manage the beer because they would probably drink it all!

Hash Flash – The Referee

We all know hashers want to see tits! The Hash Flash is there to make sure you see them! The pictures taken may be blurry, they may be of men, but they are tits! you’re welcome!

Hash Scribe –  N/A
The Hash Scribe does the write-up of each r*n and disseminates said Hash Trash. There are several good reasons to become scribe. The most important is that you get to write down anything dumb and stupid that your fellow hashers have done on trail, while avoiding writing about all the dumb and stupid things you have done on trail.  If you are new to the job or are filling in, you may consider using Jolly Green’s Guide to Scribing – 69 Rules.