Schnitzel Sucker and Rock My Wiener Schnitzel presents Trail # 2334

Hash #2334

Date: 25/04/2016

Hare: Schnitzel Sucker and Rock My Wiener Schnitzel

WHEN: on Monday, 25 Apr at 5:69 pee em (just bring your asses down by 6 pm)

WHERE: at the ERA towers parking lot in beautiful man-made island, Seef (as beautiful as you can get with reclaimed land, sand, rebar, and stray dogs). No signs will be out, just come into the present century and click on the link below to follow the pin from your current position and look for a bunch of shady wankers yelling, “Show us your tits!”

WHY: Because it’s close to RMWS’s 40th and he wants to show you yunggin’ whipper snappers how its done.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring virgins (trail is free for virgins and first time visitors), bring1BD for non-members, extra funds in case you don’t get called into circle and want to drink with the rest of us, your singing voices, and a thirst… for beer.



Hash # 2335 – May 2nd – Ali the Referee

Hash # 2336 – May 9th – AnalVinyasa

Hash # 2337 – May 16th – Hare Needed here

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Hash # 2339 – May 30th – Hare Needed here

If you would like to Hare, check out the Receding Hareline page for any available slots and contact Ham Salami Bacon on 39302396 or! We cant Hash without Hares!

Bring a torch, bring a friend and bring membership money!