Hash # 2596 – hashing in Adliya!

BH3 # 2596
Date: Monday 8th Feb 2021
Time: 6:00 PM
Hares RickO’shae and Just John
Location: Adliya, dirt lot near Belagio (across from Ferrari center)

Wear your masks, we will be practicing social distancing for the next few weeks. Max of 30 hashers at the meet up so feel free to spread out at the start.

If trail is set, you may run it earlier in the day. That will be announced on whatsapp. If its not ready, please hash at 6 pm or later.

Bring a torch, it will be dark and you will need to see trail! Trail will be in premium white flour unless the hare says other wise. Ignore hellow chalk markings (Those are from the other hash! )

Rd No 2627, Manama, Bahrain