Hash # 2340 – Hashing in Juffair!

Hash # 2340
Date:june 6th 2016
Time:6pm or 1800
Hare: Gonorrhea Dish and Awful Mouthful
Start Location: Gondi’s villa: Villa 3059A, corner of Road 2446 and 2444, area 324, juffair.
GPS Coordinates: 26.215009, 50.616748
hash 2340
Details: live trail (no pre-laid); pet friendly; “juice” check (no money required.) Short trail.
Bring a swimsuit (or not) and some flip flops for the end…circle in the pool?
Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring money!
Its BD 1 for the run and if you would like to drink its BD 1 (per can.)