Bahrain Marathon Relay!!

HHHey Hashers!

We are setting up a team to run in the BMR (Bahrain Marathon Relay) which is happening on October 28th! We need runners! it doesn’t matter how fast you are! we just need 16 participants! it would be great if there were a few people to help as transport during the relay and some people to pass out beer and water to the team! if you are interested, hit me up during the next hash or message me on fb or whatsapp.

ill need your full name + Hash name, phone number, and email.. and SHIRT SIZE!!

the race is on october the 28th which is a friday. we will need everyone who is participating to be there on the day of the race before 8am to pass out their run numbers and tell them which leg they are on. if you cant run later during the day, let me know so we can hook you up with an early leg!

we will be giving BH3 Members 1st priority to participate,
BH3 non members 2nd, and then finally other hashers and non hashers.

the sooner you sign up, the better your chances are of getting a personalized BH3 Hash shirt for the BMR. we might be giving out a few other things too! how about some free beer!? who knows! πŸ˜‰



Head With My Mom aka Zaid
mobile: +97337776844