Tomorrows Hash #2312 – At The Old Camel Farm!

Hash # 2312

Date: December 7th 2015

Hare: 2 Craps

Location: Old Camel Farm , Hamala (Where the Camel Farm Run takes place)

Directions:GMaps to the hash(Kinda)

From Juffair, head south on Al Fateh Highway, take the exit at at Mina Salman, heading west on Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway. drive all the way down the highway till you reach the janabiya/ hamala overpass and take the exit. at the traffic light turn left, and drive down the road towards Hamala.  Continue on  Wadi Al Adh highway ( the road with all the pipelines). Pass the BDF Base on the right, and continue down the slopey road. and there will be a set traffic lights which you take a left onto Road 62. if you have reached the set of shops and restaurants on your right, then you have gone too far. after taking that left turn, you should follow the road all the way till the end then you need to Look For Signs!

Signs will say HHH and if we ran out of those.. you might see signs that are very similar.

On ON!

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Hash 2314 – December 21st – 2 Craps (I think it might be him) for a pre christmas Hash

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ill update the hareline soon with the correct hares.


On On

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