Hash #2580

Hash #2580

Date: 19/10/2020

Hare: Tent Pole

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/s22UviK6WnoSNk6y6

Today’s hash will be in Janabiya behind Alayam media centre. It will be laid & ready to run at 1800 hrs.

Runners trail about 6 to 7 or may be 8 km.
Walkers 3 to 5 km.

There wl be prelub, free Beer stop 1 or 2 & there wl be food.
Bring lights as it will be dark. Bring friends, virgins, your ex. See u there on on

⚪⚪⚪⚪ = white dots flour to follow.
⭕ = check around for real trail ⚪⚪
❌= falsed trail. Go back to ⭕.
R = Runner trail.
W = walkes trail.
YBF = (You been fucked) go back to the last mark.
BVVC = Be very very careful to cross the road.
BN= Beer near.
BH = Beer here.
ON IN = Free run / walk to the car park.
On on.