Hash #2575 Pusy Shunked me Birthday Run

Hash # 2575
Date: 14/09/2020

Location: Juffair, Spank the Turky place. Dirt lot. https://goo.gl/maps/i8txjzFm1SvLSnd18

Hares: Tent Pole & The Pusy Shunked me.

The trail is laid by white flour & school chalks.
Distance : Runners about 5 to 6 km.
Walkers : about 3.5 to 4 km.
Circle wl be around the pool, top roof (Spank the Turky).
Beer, food wl be served.
Bring ur swiming costume, bring friends, ur gf, ur ex.
The run wl start at 5.30 pm or 17.30 hrs.
There wl be prelub for early birds.
Apply the social distance pls.
On on.