Hash #2574

Hash # 2574
Date: 07/09/2020

Hare: I’ve fallen and can’t get off.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/g89d7t9cLcyiR5oc6

Trail info: Shiggy = 0. Trail will be ready by 1730 or 530pm. There will be a runner/walker split. Runner trail will be about 4 miles or 6.5km. Walker trail will be 2.5miles or 4km.

There will be an all-in-one beer/water/shot check for the runners AND the walkers. A few beers and the water will be pre-staged for our FRBs (front-running bastards) and the hare will pack the rest on the walkers trail to the spot and leave some extras behind for those who do the trail later. Location of hidden goodies will be marked with BN (Beer near) and a picture in Whatsapp with the location.

In celebration of the unofficial end to summer the drinks shall be of lemon flavor. No vessels needed as temporary ones will be available. Runner trail has interesting sites such as a house with an aviary and parks we either can’t see behind walls or closed due to COVID. Walker trail……gets to be part of the beer check πŸ™‚