Hash #2564

Hash # 2564
Date: 29/06/2020

Trail will be laid live at 1730.

Hare: Head with my Mom.

Occasion: Heads Final Hash… NOT!
Location: Adliya, dirt lot behind Heads house.

Start Location: https://goo.gl/maps/qAmSaRz4hvJmKT1E6

1) Run any trail alone or with a partner from 1730 or 530PM onward! (You can run at midnight if you like!)
2) Keep 2 Meters distance from your partner or anyone else running.
3) No group more than 5 should be there at one time!
4) BYOB to drink on your own (take a picture!)
5) take pictures of the trail and a few pictures with you in it! make sure to share it on FB or the whatsapp group!
6) practice social distancing!!

Trail will be laid with premium flour and and chalk. There will be the following signs : blobs of flour ⚪️, Lines ➖ and or arrows ➡️ for trail.
⭕️ is a check.. look in any direction 369 degrees for trail
❌ is a false trail which means.. go the fuck back to the check and look again!