Hash #2557

Hash # 2557
Date: 11/05/2020

Hares: Mother May I , Crash Test DUMMY, and Hits The Ground Running

Location: https://maps.google.com/maps/search/7%20Delmun%20Ave%2C%20Manama%2C%20Bahrain/@26.220178996042236,50.58598626405001,17z?hl=en

Time: Any. trail is already set, go out and have fun!

1) Run any trail alone or with a partner from 11AM onward! (You can run at midnight if you like!)
2) Keep 2 Meters distance from your partner or anyone else running.
3) No group more than 5 should be there at one time!
4) take pictures of the trail and a few pictures with you in it! make sure to share it on FB or the whatsapp group!
) practice social distancing!!!

Note: there will be no hare or other hashers to lead the way. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!