Hash # 2533 – Hashing by Nadeen School!

Hash # 2533
Date: 09/12/2019
Time: 6:00 PM
Hares: The Irish Gang (Dublin Bush Wanker and Co.)
Location: Dirt lot in the front of Nadeen School, Adliya/Um Al hassam.
Run Fee: BD 2 if you are not a member, if you want to be a member, please see Drag Queen.

Bring your a torch, bring a friend, and bring your membership money! Membership fee might be 25 BD if you pay now.. it will be BD 30 starting January! (please speak to drag queen for confirmation of prices.. Im just the webmaster and dont always get everything right! 😅)

20th Intergulf is on 19 – 21 of March 2020! it costs you BD 65! hit the intergulf link up at the top of the page for more info!!

BITCH3 will be hosting a run at the end of the month! Friday the 27th, feel free to check out run info! BITCH3.com