Hash # 2458 – Live Trail in Seef

Hash # 2458

Date: 06/08/2018

Time: 6:00 PM OR 1800

Location: Era Tower, Seef (Park in the dirt lot.)

Hares: Head With My Mom & Lady Gagger!

Alright you wankers, the hash will cost you BD 2 for the run if you are not a member! if you want to be a member, see drag queen! he can give you a good deal that will save you plenty of cash!

The trail will be set LIVE! Walkers and runners will need to follow the trail if they want to get to the beer/drink stop! don’t worry we will put up plenty of checks for the front runners to check out 🙂 Yes, you will need money! bring BD 5 in case the beer/drink stop doesn’t end up being free!  if you don’t follow trail you wont know where to go!

if you haven’t heard, we have some retardees who will be joining us after being away from us for a few years! come on down to greet them!


BITCH3 will be hosting their Hawaii Day hash on August 17th! go check out website for more info @ www.bitch3.com!

The Black hash will be hosting a RDR on the first weekend of September! it will be a 5 day weekend for Americans so we plan to have 5 days of hashing! The Black Hash, BH3 and Bitch3 will all be taking part in this event making it something real special for you! keep a look out for more info!!