BH3 # 2589 – Xmas Run!!

RUN # 2589 – Christmas Run!
Date: 21 December
Time: 6:00 pm
Fee: 1 bd
Hare: Camel Humper
Locstion: Tubli, at camel humpers place!

Wear your chrismas gear!

You better be hungry and thirsty by the time you reach the hash.. you might as well start starving yourself! There will be food! 50 burgers and shawarmas! Lots of cake, and 6 cases of beer!!

Hash # 2588

Hash #2588
Date: 14 December 2020
Time: 6:00 PM
Hare: The Referee
Fee: BD 2 for non members
Occasion: Bahrain National Day
Location: Singed Minge camp grounds, Riffa, just off zallaq highway.

Please show up wearing Red & White.
Bring a torch as we will be in the dark!! it will be hard to see the flour! so lets get lit!
There will be free food and drink !’44.4%22N+50%C2%B031’10.3%22E/@26.0623455,50.5173426,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d26.0623455!4d50.5195313?hl=en

Hash #2587

Hash # 2587

DATE: 7/12/2020 – monday
Time: 6:00pm
Hare: KKK (koon kunt kent)
Location: adliya!
Fee: bd 2 for non members!

Bring a torch, bring money for a beer stop if any, a mask.. and most importantly bring a virgin!!

26°12’39.6″N 50°35’05.7″E

See you at the hash!
On on!

Hash #2586

BH3 Hash # 2586 – 48th Anniversary Hash!!
Date: 30/11/2020
Time: 6:00 pm
Hare: RickO’shae and SSTI

RUN FEE: 2BD for non members!

Location: Thameena Residence, um al hassam.

Come down and join us for the BH3 48th anniversary hash!

There will be a run

Bring money, a torch and bring virgins!

There will be free shirts for those who are BH3 members and have signed up ahead of time for them!

The on after will be in thamena residence roof top for food and drink!

Hash # 2583

Hash #2583
Time: 1800 or 6PM.
Hares: Drag Queen & Dancing Queen
Location: Buhair, South side of (closed) Expo Motors showroom off Esteglal Hway, 400m south of the Esteglal Gas Station.

As the name suggests – the trail ventures into Jurassic Park, a rare event which has not happened for many years! Well, the runners trail does anyway! The runners will also cross the plains of the Buhair Reservoir – to escape via the Steel Stairway to Heaven, and from there to meet up with the Walkers for a well deserved bev stop – FREE BEER!
Runner’s Trail is about 7km, walker’s about 4km.

Dancing Queen’s Chilli-Con will be onon after!

Bring some BD for Dancing Queen’s Revival-of-the-Raffle – BD 0.5 per ticket, buy 4 – get 1 free ie 5 for 2BD.
The more Tickets sold, the more prizes there will be, and the more tickets YOU buy the better chance YOU have of winning! (Raffles may be discontinued if insufficient interest is shown 🙁 )

Membership until Dec 31st is BD8 > will include 6 membership draws, from next week! Plus no run fees and any members-only goodies – like the 2020 members / Nat Day Shirt, with all members names

Hash #2582

Hash #2582
Hare: Head with my mom

Time: Meet up at 6:00 pm
On out: 6:15 pm


Run fee: 2bd (non members) or bd 8 if you want to sign up for the rest of the year. (Will include you in the monthly membership draw)

Bring a mask
Bring money for a beer stop

Trail will be laid using chalk and flour. Chalk on side walks will be arrows and lines. Flour markings will be blops. We may have a few checks and falsies. There will only be one trail for runners and walkers. We will not be splitting up the pack!

Hash #2581

Hash #2581

Date: 26/10/2020
Time: 1800 (6pm)

Hare: Slither

Happy Halloween from the BH3! 🎃 👻 🍺

Kicking off our week of Halloween Hashes with a Haunted House/Trick AND Treat Hash through Adliya/Block 338!

Get ready to “turn some tricks” (expect dance, hopscotch, song checks, etc) and hunt for hidden treats (beer, shot checks) in haunted houses!

Bring your torches, trail shoes, and costumes!

Fee: No fee! There will be drink checks on trail! Bring money only if you want to add extra beer stops. Run fees will start back up in November.


Runner’s Trail: 6-7 km
Walker’s Trail: 4-5 km

Trail: White flour dots/lines

Checks will be posted with descriptions day of!


Hash #2580

Hash #2580

Date: 19/10/2020

Hare: Tent Pole


Today’s hash will be in Janabiya behind Alayam media centre. It will be laid & ready to run at 1800 hrs.

Runners trail about 6 to 7 or may be 8 km.
Walkers 3 to 5 km.

There wl be prelub, free Beer stop 1 or 2 & there wl be food.
Bring lights as it will be dark. Bring friends, virgins, your ex. See u there on on

⚪⚪⚪⚪ = white dots flour to follow.
⭕ = check around for real trail ⚪⚪
❌= falsed trail. Go back to ⭕.
R = Runner trail.
W = walkes trail.
YBF = (You been fucked) go back to the last mark.
BVVC = Be very very careful to cross the road.
BN= Beer near.
BH = Beer here.
ON IN = Free run / walk to the car park.
On on.