Upcoming Hash Events!

BITCH3 Onesie/Pajama Pub Crawl – Jan 25th 2019 – www.bitch3.com
Fee: BD 1 for the run!
What you need: Monies! it is a pubcrawl! so bring all of it! there will be several pubs!
WHen: Friday, 25th of Jan 2019 at 6PM at Dejavu, Adliya, behind the gulf hotel!

Bahrain Hash Camp – Friday, Feb 8 2019, from 12pm to Saturday, Feb 9 2019 at 10AM
Fee: BD 10 for BH3 members and BD 15 for non members.
What you get: food (dinner and breakfast + snacks) drinks, music, and 2 runs! Bitch3 and BH3 will be hosting a Scouts trail (dress up as a boy/girl scout or scouts anal!) tne run will be held friday afternoon around 4pm and another run by the BH3 will be held on Saturday morning at 8 AM (hangover run).
Who to pay: see RicoShay for the campout!
Location: TBA soon!

Camel Farm Run will be held sometime in early march! more info TBA!