Hash Trash


You can download the PDF from this link ———>  Hash Trash # 2459


Run no. 2459:

Date: 13/08/2018

Location: Dirt lot opposite the Palm Royal, Juffair.

Hare: One Rung Pussy driver.

The GM, HWMM, called the pack to order and made the usual announcements. He then went on to introduce the virgins, 5 in all:

Greg, Mike and Gerry from the US, Vaughan from NZ and Derek from SA.

A few retardees also showed up, notably T.O.N.E.D.E.A.F Metrodome, Dick on the Table and Codswallop.

There was one visitor, Just Josh.

The hare One Rung Pussy Driver then took charge and went on to totally confuse the pack with a bewildering array of symbols, including song checks, salmon checks and naughty checks to name but a few. The hash had been designated as a “Clean up Juffair” project. Rubbish sacks were handed out and a prize of a bottle of vodka was promised to whoever collected the most rubbish. There was an almighty scramble for the rubbish bags!.

As this was to be a live trail, the hare was given the usual ten minute start whilst the pack amused itself by performing the Chicken Song, much to the amusement of the curious bystanders.

The run eventually started and went through a hole in the fence only to find a man-cave hollowed out of a sand pile and inside, a treasure trove of beer and cider. This was quickly consumed as hashers fought over the empty cans before we got under way again. The trail took us through the Juffair Mall car park and around the streets. We eventually arrived at the Najma building and after a scary ride in the lift to the 24th floor, where beer stop #2 awaited us. It was then on on past the Bahrain Specialist Hospital to a villa where there was a pudding stop and a swim opportunity. After that, it was a mere stroll back to the cars.

Circle was held around the pool of the Park Royal, courtesy of Spanks The Turkey.

Raffle: There was none as G String had run out of tickets!

Down downs were awarded to many, including those wearing red. G-String, who is departing these shores next month was presented with a model dhow in recognition of her dedication to the hash.

We also had a naming ceremony. Just Ben is now Professor Powder Puff!

Run length: 7Km.

Outside temperature: 36.