Next hash run #2291!

What: Post-Ramadan HellsYeah Trail #2291!

cum show ur support by wearing tank tops and jhorts (or vests and jean shorts for the non-Americans).No jhorts in your wardrobe? That’s okay, yoga pants or daisy dukes are hash appropriate alternatives.

Hares: Anal Vinyasa, Just Andy, and Rock My Wiener Schnitzel
Where: Empty lot on Delmun Avenue
When: July 20th at 5:69pm (that’s 6:09pm for the nerds) but be there for 6.
Why: Because we “technically” have been dry for a month and we want to celebrate the coming 11 months before the next Ramadan.
Other Things to Know: Bring virgins, bring hash cash, bring beer cash, bring a change of clothes if you plan to attend the on-after.


From Juffair: go across Al fatih Hwy towards the Gulf Hotel, take a left at the second light, go through Shwarma Alley to the traffic light by Ferrari center, take a right, go to the Salmaniya Ave light (RedTag on the corner) and do a U turn, take the first right onto Delmun Ave, empty lot on the right.

GMaps from Juffair

Screenshot 2015-07-20 12.32.52

From Janabiya: take the Kuwait Ave exit towards Salmaniya Ave, take a right onto Delmun Ave (one street before Salmaniya Ave), empty lot on the left.

GMaps from kuwaiti Ave

Screenshot 2015-07-20 12.35.25