Next Hash – Run 2266

Run Number 2266

Date:             Monday 9th Feb 2015 @ 18:00

Location:      Juffair

Hare:              Lady Good Diver

Occasion:     A Hashers Delight – a taste of liquid gold

Directions:  From Mina Salman go north on the AlFateh Highway. Turn right at the Grand Mosque junction. Turn right at the 2nd traffic light near AlJazeera (Al Murjan center). Then look for signs.


Bring a Torch – Bring a friend! Bring membership money

Confused? – Call 17862620




Membership fees are now due – or you will need to pay the run fee of 1BD

20BD for the year, 12BD for 6 months, 8BD for 3 months.


Hareline            – contact Ham Salami Bacon on 39302396


13th Feb – 2267 – Hash Camp out – RedCock Down & No Limbs Required

14th Feb – 2268 – Hash Camp out – No Limbs Required & No Limbs Required

16th Feb – 2269 – RedCock Down – TBA

23rd Feb – 2270 – Gliterous and Glitter Balls – Near Saudi Causeway

2nd Mar – 2271  – Ali The Referee – TBA

9th Mar – 2272 – TentPole – TBA

16th Mar – 2273 – Head With My Mom & Just Charlie – TBA


Camp Out  Friday Feb 13th

Camp out site is has been found.  All you need to do is pay us some money and turn up on the 13th feb for a hash, overnight party and hangover hash in the morning.   STTI and Yousiflis are collecting 12BD.  Sign up sign up.


Want your hash name to hang around your neck – See STTI who is making them up