Next Hash #2299

Next Hash # 2299

Hare – RickO’Shay

When – 14/09/2015/15 @ 6pm or 1800hrs

Where – Saqiyah (Near the new shopping complex. Nestle, Costa coffee etc.)

Directions to the Hash:

From Mina Salman go west on Sh Isa Bin Salman highway. Take Manama exit to Kuwait Ave. At 5th traffic lights, take left to Oman ave. Turn right at 1st traffic lights and look for signs
Screenshot 2015-09-13 11.54.41
2300 – 21/09/2015 – Lemon Dress Run – Drag Queen is the hear! – location TBA  (wear ANYTHING YELLOW or LEMON like! it doesnt have to be a dress!)
2301 – 28/09/2015 – Two Craps and Pedoles – TBA
2302 – 5/10/2015 – Tarbitrator – TBA
2303 – 12/10/2015 – You Can Hare Here – TBA
If you would like to Hare, check out the Receding Hareline page for any available slots and contact Head With My Mom on 37776844 or! We cant Hash without Hares!
Bring a torch, bring a friend and bring member ship money!
16th InterGulf Hash Hosted by both BH3 and BBH3 will be on October 15th, 16th, and 17th! Register now for 3 days of shenanigans!  the cost is currently BD 65 and will be increasing to BD 70 at the end of the month! Check out the Intergulf Page Here