New Mismanagement Committee List!

Hey Hashers!

We had an awesome night on Monday! We successfully voted in our new members to the Bahrain Hash Committee! We also told the old ones to fuck right off!

Big thanks to the 2015 committee members for keeping the hash going! There were plenty of hash shenanigans throughout the year and we hope that this will continue with the 2016 committee!

This is the new mismanagement committee as of 18/01/2016


Grand Master (GM) Tarbitrator  33956955
Religious Adviser (RA) Head With My Mom 37776844
Haberdasher Rock My Wiener Schnitzel  33322168
Raffles The Referee  39466996
Hash Cheers  Red Cock Down  33011231
Hare Raiser Ham Salami Bacon 39302396
Hash Cash Yousifilis 39929333
Hon Sex Drag Queen 39694138
Scribe Handy Whore Hole 36474008
Hash Flash The Referee 39466996
Hash Stats
Webmaster Head With My Mom 37776844
Webmaster Budget Brian
HOTLINE 17862620
FACEBOOK Bahrain H3 Facebook
YAHOO GROUP Bahrain H3 Yahoo Group


You can find this list on the mismanagement page under the Contacts tab.