Bahrain Intergulf 2022


This December, we invite you to do the liquid cleanse, with alcohol. It’s a 3 day detox program that you need in your life.

The debauchery kicks-off on Thursday (Dec 1) evening at Links Bar, Adliya. So that we can drink before we go out drinking. The committee will be there to meat and greet you, and to give you all the information you need for the weekend. Those who registered early can claim their “Goodie Bags” which contains all kinds of fun paraphernalia that will come in handy  over the following days. And when registration is out of the way, we start the pub crawl. 

Friday, Dec. 2 2022, the actual BH3 50thanniversary date, since Dec 2, 1972.
For hashaholic hashers who crave shiggy, and who did not peak too early by getting wasted at the pub crawl! We have an early morning BITCH3 run.

And in the afternoon we move our arses by bus to the BH3 hash location. Where we’d be hashing and celebrating the 50th anniversary of BH3. Followed by dinner at On-After and more shenanigans. No need to go back and ‘freshen up’, bring your toiletries and a change of clothing. The venue will have all the facilities. Afterwards you will be shuttled back to the Juffair/Manama for you to check out the nightlife.

Pick up/drop off points for Friday will be in Juffair near the recommended hotel which is Juffair Boulevard, and in Manama at (Location, time, TBC).

Next day,  Saturday (Dec 3) there will be a hangover hash from BBH in Juffair, followed by a pool party and lunch and a wind-down from a great weekend.

Stay longer for a couple more days and join the regular BH3 hash, on Monday, 5th.

Bahrain Hash House Harriers completes its 50th year, it’s once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s going to be momentous, be a part of it.

Looking forward to welcuming you,

Intergulf Committee

Frequently Asked Questions:


When is the 21st Intergulf 2022?
01, 02, 03 of December, 2022 

What is the Intergulf schedule like?
3 days of AWESOMENESS! 

Day 1-Thurs evening will start with registration at Links bar, Juffair then we will move on to the crawl!
Day 2-Friday we will have a morning trail for the endurance hashers. In the afternoon we move to the hash, followed by the night out.
Day 3-Saturday we have a hangover hash followed by a pool party. 

What’s the fee like to take part in this event?
BHD 55
(Early early bird fee till 15th October)
BHD 65 (After 15th October)

How do I register?
Registration is as easy as filling out this form.
Once completed, we will send you the payment details. Upon receiving the payment you will be added to the exclusive Whatsapp group.

How do I reach you?
+973 3649 9229

Sometimes I cum early?
The premature cummers can join us on Wednesday (Nov 31) for the Red Dress Bash by WWE.

Who’s cummin’ ?

Please check the eligibility on the eVisa homepage, fill in the required information and see if you qualify to get a visa on arrival.

If not, you can apply for an apply for electronic visa here at:

How about a hash hotel?
We have a special discounted rate for IG 2022 with the Juffair Boulevard Hotel. Once you register with us, we will connect you with the reservation manager to avail the special rate. You can make a provisional booking without paying anything and then pay in full when you arrive.

There are also other hotel mentioned in the recommendation chart here:
Which can also be downloaded in PDF here:

Hotel Recommendation For IG 2022

BH3  – Bahrain Hash House Harriers
BBH – Bahrain Black Hash
BITCH3 – Bahrain Independent Trail Chasers
Bash – Bike hash

Disclaimer and Liability waiver
Hashing is an activity run by idiots for idiots. Running through countryside or urban area in all
weathers carries inherent dangers and is undertaken by all participants exclusively at their own risk.
Alcohol, where present, is not obligatory and is served/taken on a ‘drink it or wear it’ basis. Non
alcoholic beverages are available.
By agreeing to take part in any event organised by Bahrain hashes, including but not exclusively hash
runs, circles, on-ons and transportation, participants shall be DEEMED FULLY TO ACCEPT the above
and EXPRESSLY WAIVE for themselves and their heirs and assign any rights to pursue Bahrain hashes,
it’s officers, members, organisers, agents, sponsors and other persons associated therewith from
any liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, trauma, death or mental stress, howsoever
caused or sustained as a result, whether direct or indirect of such participation.