Intergulf 2020

20th Intergulf 2020

Only 2 weeks to go to the 20th Intergulf in Bahrain.
The corona virus is doing it’s best to stop the partying in Bahrain but we won’t be stopped.
The Formula 1 will be held on the same weekend and they have the green flag to race. That gives us the green flag to hash.
The weekend kicks off at the British Club on Thursday night.   Registration desk opens at 5 pm.  In your goodie bag you’ll find some drink vouchers for the British Club and the pubs that we visit along the way.  Don’t forget to use them.
We shall leave the Brit club at 8pm and start the pub crawl.   Some food will be served along the way. 
Friday we shall have a bus to pick us up and take us to the run site.   We will arrange a few pickup points which will include Juffair and the Carlton hotel.
The bus will bring us back in time to clean up and head off to Ric’s Country Kitchen for dining, drinking and dancing.  All included.
Saturday will be a hangover hash followed by a brunch which goes from 2 to 6 pm at Jims.  (All inclusive).
Those coming to town before the hash are welcome to join us on a St Patrick’s day hash on the Monday 16th or an Irish pub on 17th.
The Carlton hotel had advised they were full but I believe they may have rooms available.  Their contact information is available on 
If you have any queries feel free to ask by email  or whatsapp on +353868675765Or our facebook event page.
There is an update on travel restrictions onVisa Selection Criteria

Bidders for the next intergulf are welcome also.
On on to intergulf  STTI 
On behalf of the intergulf committee.

Join us in Bahrain for hashiest experience of your life! We have a weekend planned full of hashing, drinking, dinning and JIGGY JIGGY!

When is the 20th Intergulf?
19th, 20th and 21st of March 2020

Whats the fee like to take part in this event?
BHD 60 or 160 USD (Early early bird fee till the end of October)
BHD 65 or 175 USD (Not so early bird fee from November to the end of Jan)
Last day to confirm to get the T-shirt is 27 February.
Please check FRIENDS AND FAMILY on PayPal! Any additional charges to be paid by you!

What is the Intergulf schedule like?
3 days of AWESOMENESS! Day 1 will start with registration at the Brit Club then we will move on to the crawl! On day 2 we will have a trail SOMEWHERE in Bahrain (yes its a secret). After the circle, we will all head home and prep for the night out! Friday night we will have dinner and drinks and P-A-R-T-Y? because we gotta! Finally day 3 will consist of a hangover run then we are off to brunch!

How do you register?
Registration is as easy as filling out this form HERE(word) or HERE(PDF) and making the payments! Payments can be made by PayPal. (Make sure to check FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Any additional charges to be paid by YOU!)

How about a hash hotel?
We have a special rate for Intergulf with Carlton hotel. Book directly with them by emailing them and mentioning intergulf.

It is 14 BD for single.  16 bd for double for intergulf hashers. You won’t get the discount via

In case of Carlton hotel being full an alternate hotel will be Sea Shell for the same price. Email:

Disclaimer and Liability waiver
Hashing is an activity run by idiots for idiots. Running through countryside or urban area in all
weathers carries inherent dangers and is undertaken by all participants exclusively at their own risk.
Alcohol, where present, is not obligatory and is served/taken on a ‘drink it or wear it’ basis. Non
alcoholic beverages are available.
By agreeing to take part in any event organised by Bahrain hashes, including but not exclusively hash
runs, circles, on-ons and transportation, participants shall be DEEMED FULLY TO ACCEPT the above
and EXPRESSLY WAIVE for themselves and their heirs and assign any rights to pursue Bahrain hashes,
it’s officers, members, organisers, agents, sponsors and other persons associated therewith from
any liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, trauma, death or mental stress, howsoever
caused or sustained as a result, whether direct or indirect of such participation.