Hashing # 2463 – Hashing opposite Fontana, Juffair

Welcum wankers to this week’s trail!! #2463!

Hares this week will be Wong hole shot & Mother May I.

You will have some tasty drinks, savory eats & a surprise or two!!

What to bring:
Honkers, flashlight, titties, virgins to sacrifice, visitors, boobs, vessel, swimsuit (birthday suits are hash appropriate…), towel, a thirst for the golden nectar and adventure!

Hope to see you wankers in the circle.

There might be an On-after , a wet t-shirt contest if we find the T-shirt

Don’t be a wank and come early!

No flashing in public or in front of children.

The run is on monday 10/09/2018 (dd/mm/yyyy) At 6:00 PM Or 1800!

Location: Juffair, Opposite Fontana Tower and Najma Club in the dirt lot. (you will have to go towards coral bay and take that little turn into the dirt just after the dolphin park)

Run Fee: BD 2

Beer Fee: 1 BD for 2 beers (small) or 1  tall boy

Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring membership money! if you want to be a member for the rest of the year, see Drag Queen!!