Hash Run # 2295! STTI's in Zinj!

What: Run #2295!

Hares: STTI

Where: Near STTI’s house in Zinj

When: August 17th at 6:00pm

Directions From Juffair:

– From Awal Ave go straight and Follow Bani Otbah Ave to Osama Bin Zaid Ave

– Take Osama Bin Zaid Ave till you reach Adliya Ave. then take a right at the signal (Fudruckers will be on your right hand side)

– At the next signal, take the left onto Kuwaiti Ave.

– after a few hundred meters, you will take a right at the first signal you reach, taking you onto Um Ishoum Ave.

– Drive straight, until you reach the little roundabout and continue straight.

– Look for Signs and Hashers!

Alternate Directions from Juffair:

-Turn Left on to Al Fateh Highway and head South towards the Mina Salman Overpass.

-Take the Exit heading West on Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway for about 1.5 KM.

-Turn right using the exit to Zinj.

-Take a right at the Al Jazera signal and head down the road towards the little roundabout.

– Just before the roundabout there will be a dirt lot on your left and right.  PARK THERE!

-Look for Signs and Hashers!

GMaps to STTI’s in Zinj

STTI's in Zinj

directions to STTI's

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Bring a torch, bring a friend and bring member ship money!