Hash #2571

Hash # 2571
Date: 17/08/2020

Trail will start around 5 pm or 17:00

Hares: Buttman in collaboration with Hits the ground running

Start Location: https://maps.google.com/?q=26.226675,50.599930

This going to be a shiggy trail which is going to get you very wet 💦
Come on down near the dolphin park to a fun trail which is going to get you a drink stop & a free 🍻 stop, an actual trail to get you lost & a get you wet stop
So bring 👙 & a thirst for the golden nectar
The wet stop will be between 18:20 & 19:00 due to covid rules

Get ready to Hash!!
On On 🍻🍻 👣👣
All other covid rules apply

1) Keep 2 Meters distance from your partner or anyone else running.
2) No group more than 5 should be there at one time!
3) BYOB to drink on your own (take a picture!)
4) take pictures of the trail and a few pictures with you in it! make sure to share it on FB or the whatsapp group!
5) practice social distancing!!!