Hash 2551 and New Guidelines!

Hey Hashers! it was originally decided that we would postpone all hashes for the time being… but then we thought to try something else out real quick! so for those interested in keeping the hash alive and keeping yourself busy, see the info below!

There will be a trail on Monday the 30th of March.
The Hare is Hazukashi.
Trail will be set by 10:00 AM in Juffair behind Al Fateh Mosque
There is no run fee.

1) Run any trail alone or with a partner from 11AM onward! (You can run at midnight if you like!)
2) Keep 2 Meters distance from your partner or anyone else running.
3) No group more than 5 should be there at one time!
4) BYOB to drink on your own (take a picture!)
5) take pictures of the trail and a few pictures with you in it! make sure to share it on FB or the whatsapp group!
6) practice social distancing!!!

Note: there will be no hare or other hashers to lead the way. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!