Hash # 2492 – DONT STICK IT! LICK IT!

Hash # 2492

Date: 11/03/2019

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800!

its a monday night so leave your house early if you want to beat the traffic! if you are at work, head straight to the hash when you are done!

Hare: Stick Free Licks Me!

Location: Somewhere in seef! parking in a dirt lot near water garden city!

Bring BD 2 for the run if you are not a member of the hash. if you want to be a member, see Drag QUeen! BRING CASH FOR A BEER STOP! seef is a bit pricey so bring a fiver! Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring your membership monies! if you want to drink your own beer.. cool! or you can buy a can for a bd off the beermeister!

Stick Free Lick Me is on her own for this trail. There will be a runners trail but no hare to follow! you have been warned! make sure to carry a map if you get lost! wait.. can you even read a map?!