Hash # 2482 – Hashing in Zinj

Hash # 2482

Date: 14/01/2019

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hares: STTI and RickoShay

Location: Bu Ashira, By STTI and RickoShays old place, off of Um Ishmoum Ave in the big dirt lot. If you are coming from starbucks, headed to adliya, we will be on your right. if you are coming from adliya, we will be on the left before you reach al jazira/starbucks.

Bring BD 2 for the run or BD 30 if you want to be a member for the year. drinks will cost you a BD each. Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring your membership money!

Its gunna get dark, so make sure you got a flashlight/ headlamp. We might have a drinkstop somewhere! not sure if it will be free, so bring monies!

See you there!