Hash # 2480 – New Year, New Me. New You, New Shoe.

Hash # 2480

Date: 31/12/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Occassion: New Year, New Me. New You, New Shoe.

No better way to finish up the New Years than with the sound of champagne bottles poppin, your brand new shoes tearing up the concrete, and hashy hymnals in crowded bars during BH3’s final run in 2018. Your Hares have set their sites on at least making the GM swear off drinking (again) because Lady Gagger is tired of him peeing in the dresser drawer (again).

This run theme is “New Year, New Me. New You, New Shoe.” Thats right! Break out those brand new shoes you have been too scared to run in for the last 6 months and strut your stuff while exercising the diplomatic immunity the hares have bestowed upon you. Just make sure you do something memorable in them, so the following week we don’t forget those shiny and sparkly eye sores staring us down. You know we might forget 😉

Location: Ric’s Country Kitchen
Start: Hash O’clock (6pm)
Hares: Flip The Tip and 1RPD
Whatever remaining holiday cheer you have
A complete lack of dignity (harriettes, that’s you)
Day walkers/Night walkers (we don’t judge)
Lady boys for 2DOTT
Biggest Blackest guys for spanks
And a cider for flip and I.
And bring your own puke bucket….it’s a trail and pub crawl sandwich and y’all know I don’t cook well.