Hash # 2473 – All Abcess Pass’s Last Stand

Hash # 2473

Date: 12/11/18

Time: 6:00 PM

Hare: All Abcess Pass

Location: Adhari! dirt lot just off the highway, near kinda near the petrol station.

GPS: 26.200335, 50.552812

The BH3 *un this week will be in the Bilad al Qadeem neighborhood just north of the Shaihk Isa bin Salman hwy, close to the Adhari Waterfall Monument. Driving west take the exit for the monument and drive north past the gas station (on the left). Park along the road or in the large field area just past the gas station.

On this trail, there will be mud. There will be shiggy. There will be beer! There will be exotic liquor, and a prize… Viking shit you wanks. Know your Viking shit… Bring a torch, maybe a change of shoes… it’s going to sloppy out there! trail is gunna cost you bd 2!

hope you all make time to leave your homes a bit early to beat the traffic and get there for All Abcess Pass’s last hash with us before hes gone!