Hash # 2467 – Hashing at the Bellagio!

Hash # 2467

Date: 08/10/2018 Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hares: STTI and Ricko’Shae!

Location: Bellagio, Adliya – Dirt lot opposite Ferrari center. 

Bring BD 2 for the hash if you are not a member of the BH3. if you want to be a member, please see Drag Queen!

Bring a torch, bring money for booze, bring your virgins, your friends, bring a sense of humor and most importantly.. bring yourself!

You need shoes, socks, shorts, tits, ass, a pecker, some wood, a shirt, a banana and any other phallic shaped objects!

Directions to the Hash –  Coming from Juffair – Take the exit on the right off of Osama Bin Zaid road onto Shaikh Isa Ave. Take your first right  which leads onto road 2619 and then take another right and left.  now you will take a right and up the road a few meters. Bellagio will be on your right. take the right turn and head to the dirt lot behind it. if you dont know the area, you might just end up driving in circles..

Announcements – We are planning to do a Hash party on the 19th of October, Friday, somewhere in Bahrain! Members to pay a small fee. Non members to pay a slightly larger but yet small fee. The hash will be providing food, drinks, and a pool! There might even be a trail! more info to follow SOon!

Friday October 26th is World Peace Through Beer Day, Hosted by The BITCH3! It is gunna cost you BD 5. You will get a variety of beer from different parts of the world! the goal is to gather as many beers from different places as we can! Fuck War! We want PEACE! THROUGH BEER! so come on down for a good time. the location and time has been posted on BITCH3.com 5PM in SEEF! by ERA Tower! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!