Hash 2372 – Mondays a Hashing Day! – Dirt lot on Delmon Ave.

Hash 2372

Who: Rock My Wiener Schnitzel

Monday is a hashing day! we shall hash to celebrate beer!! On this date in 1786, Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, authored the Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom. President Jefferson loved ales, we love ales, he believed in religious freedom, we believe in religious freedom, he lived in Charlottesville, VA home to the Harlots; hence, we shall rejoice and celebrate by running and consuming lots and lots of beer.

In the dirt lot behind red tag on Delmon Avenue


16 January, 2017, 5:69 pee em. (6:00 pm)

Bring torch, bring virgins, and bring funds for membership and beer. This is an A to A with a bar stop in between (~1.5 bd/beer). No food will be served, but following circle, an on-after at a local establishment nearby.