Hash 2364 – A Schnitzel Production

Hash # 2364  – A Schnitzel Production

Date: 21/11/2016

Where? Adliya, Behind the Bellagio (take the side street to Shawarma Alley from JJ’s, pass the Indian Embassy, turn right behind the last building  (Bellagio) before you reach Shawarma Alley)

Why? On this date in 1620, the pilgrims reached America on the Mayflower! We shall celebrate by quenching our thirst with ale after a similar journey as on this trail.

Hares: Rock My Wiener Schnitzel and Schnitzel Sucker. AND IF ANYONE CAN HELP THE WALKERS THAT WOULD BE GREAT THANKS.

Shiggy: 0/5 perfect Bahraini shiggy (a little bit of stray doggy poo and reclaimed land sand)

Time: Hares away at 5:69 Pee-em (6:09PM or 1809 for you muggles)

Bring virgins, bring money for pub ale (±5BD/per pretty mouth), and a fairy light to show us the way!



coordinates: 26°12’57.2″N 50°35’21.0″E