Hash #2322! Valentines day Hash!

Hash # 2322

Date: February 15th 2016

Time: 6pm or 1800

Hare: Gonorrhea Dish and Awful Mouthful

Start Location: Coral Bay (near Marina Garden Park), in front of the Dolphin Resort (This is an A to A prime run. That means the end will be within a five to ten minute walk from the start)

Details: live trail (no pre-laid); pet friendly; wear pink, red and/or hearts; two beer checks (no money required); food at one beer check; prize for first hare snare; and any other surprises that I might pull out of me arse in the next week.

Cause: The Run Against Sobriety – Sobriety affects one in five people and is the leading cause of boredom. Come out and join us to end sobriety in our lifetime.

Coral Bay

directions: Google Maps to the Hash

From Awal Avenue, turn right, going north on Al Fateh Highway.

Continue straight after the Exhibition Road Intersection and move to your far right lane.

after 50 meters, there will be a right turn, take it.

at the roundabout, go right and follow the road.

Coral bay will be on your left side accross the park. Find a parking spot nearest to it.


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