Hash # 2314 – Santa is coming to town!

Hash # 2314

Date: 21/12/2015

Time: 6:00pm or 1800

Location: Behind Alia Tower (near Era Tower, opposite Bahrian City Center) Seef District

Directions: Google Maps to the hash (read the directions)

Hare: 2 Craps

Occasion: 2 Craps is in the Christmas spirit! Ho Ho Ho Hashers!

Leaving Juffair, head north on Al Fatih Highway, then take the exit on King Faisal Highway towards Seef. follow the highway till the city center exit.  Take the exit going to Bahrain City Center and make your way onto Road 2819. After you reach the second traffic signal, you will go right, and follow through the dirt road up until you reach Alya tower. Look for HHH Signs!

Check out the map for the Pin!

Bring a Torch, Bring a Friend, and id say bring member ship money but the year is almost up! but if you do, its 3bd till the end of december!

Screenshot 2015-12-20 21.00.36 Screenshot 2015-12-20 21.01.07


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