Upcoming Hash Events!

BITCH3 Onesie/Pajama Pub Crawl – Jan 25th 2019 – www.bitch3.com
Fee: BD 1 for the run!
What you need: Monies! it is a pubcrawl! so bring all of it! there will be several pubs!
WHen: Friday, 25th of Jan 2019 at 6PM at Dejavu, Adliya, behind the gulf hotel!

Bahrain Hash Camp – Friday, Feb 8 2019, from 12pm to Saturday, Feb 9 2019 at 10AM
Fee: BD 10 for BH3 members and BD 15 for non members.
What you get: food (dinner and breakfast + snacks) drinks, music, and 2 runs! Bitch3 and BH3 will be hosting a Scouts trail (dress up as a boy/girl scout or scouts anal!) tne run will be held friday afternoon around 4pm and another run by the BH3 will be held on Saturday morning at 8 AM (hangover run).
Who to pay: see RicoShay for the campout!
Location: TBA soon!

Camel Farm Run will be held sometime in early march! more info TBA!

Hash # 2482 – Hashing in Zinj

Hash # 2482

Date: 14/01/2019

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hares: STTI and RickoShay

Location: Bu Ashira, By STTI and RickoShays old place, off of Um Ishmoum Ave in the big dirt lot. If you are coming from starbucks, headed to adliya, we will be on your right. if you are coming from adliya, we will be on the left before you reach al jazira/starbucks.

Bring BD 2 for the run or BD 30 if you want to be a member for the year. drinks will cost you a BD each. Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring your membership money!

Its gunna get dark, so make sure you got a flashlight/ headlamp. We might have a drinkstop somewhere! not sure if it will be free, so bring monies!

See you there!

Hash # 2481 – Hashing in Block 338

Hash # 2481


Time: 6:00 PM

Hare: Tentpole and The Pussy that shanked Me

Location: Block 338, in dirt lot behind Hong Kong restaurant and Multinational School Bahrain.

Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring your membership money! It’s BD 2 for the run or BD 30 if you want to become a member for the year! if you want to become a member, see Drag Queen! membership means discounted events, free beer and food on some special occasions, and more! it also saves you a ton of cash!


We will be hosting the AGM on this mondays hash! So if you would like to help out with various positions on the hash, feel free to sign up for any of the available positions like GM, RA, Haberdasher, Hash Cash, hash flash, raffle meister, scribe, hareraiser, and webmaster! if you want a better understanding of the positions, please talk to any current member of the committee. all positions are up for grabs! the board will be out and markers ready!

Hash # 2480 – New Year, New Me. New You, New Shoe.

Hash # 2480

Date: 31/12/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Occassion: New Year, New Me. New You, New Shoe.

No better way to finish up the New Years than with the sound of champagne bottles poppin, your brand new shoes tearing up the concrete, and hashy hymnals in crowded bars during BH3’s final run in 2018. Your Hares have set their sites on at least making the GM swear off drinking (again) because Lady Gagger is tired of him peeing in the dresser drawer (again).

This run theme is “New Year, New Me. New You, New Shoe.” Thats right! Break out those brand new shoes you have been too scared to run in for the last 6 months and strut your stuff while exercising the diplomatic immunity the hares have bestowed upon you. Just make sure you do something memorable in them, so the following week we don’t forget those shiny and sparkly eye sores staring us down. You know we might forget 😉

Location: Ric’s Country Kitchen
Start: Hash O’clock (6pm)
Hares: Flip The Tip and 1RPD
Whatever remaining holiday cheer you have
A complete lack of dignity (harriettes, that’s you)
Day walkers/Night walkers (we don’t judge)
Lady boys for 2DOTT
Biggest Blackest guys for spanks
And a cider for flip and I.
And bring your own puke bucket….it’s a trail and pub crawl sandwich and y’all know I don’t cook well.

Hash # 2479 – Christmas Run!

Hash # 2479

Date: 24/12/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Near Pisser

Location: Blue Water Apartments, Saar. Down the road from Mercado Mall.

Occasion: Its Christmas Eve!!!

Besides the free beer stops, wine, sprits, etc. the run will be followed by a dinner! (christmas turkey and christmas cake with some side dishes), you may contribute by sharing any side dish of your choice.

Santa Clause will be there to give out some gifts! so you would need to bring one with you! budget between BD 1 and 100!  SECRET SANTA!

If you plan to come, and since its christmas, try to bring one or more family members! bring some close friends! Kids are welcome! This will be a family friendly hash!

Make sure to wear your christmas outfits! ugly christmas sweaters, santa hats, red and green!

On On and Hashy Christmas!

Hash # 2478 – Bahrain National Day Run

Hash # 2478

Date 16/12/18

Time: 6:00 PM

Hare: The Referee

Occassion: Bahrain National Day

Location : Just off Zallaq Highway and Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway. (latifas camp Spot) 

Directions: exit shaikh Khalifa Bin Salmab Highway onto Zallaq Highway headed towards awali. Do a u turn at the traffic light. just before the exit back onto shakh khalifa bin salman highway, you will get off the road and go into the dirt, up the little dirt mounds and ontop of the hill. hashers will be there.

Bring BD 2 for the run if you are not a member. make sure to wear RED and White as we are celebrating Bahrain! there will be food (i think) and there will be drinks! make sure to show up if you show up!!

If you want to be a member of the BH3 for 2019, pay BD 25 before january! price goes up to BD 30 from Jan 1st onward.

Hash # 2477 – Wait.. Is this Deja Vu?

Hash # 2477

Date: 10/12/2018

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Adliya, same place as last week.. in the dirt lot behind the multinational school.

Hares: Ass Sama Lick Em & Co?

Bring BD 2 for the run if you are not a member. if you want to be a member, see drag queen. if you want to become a member of the BH3 for 2018, you can pay Drag Queen BD 25 before January 1, 2019. from the 1 st of jan onward it will be BD 30 for a yearly membership! so get in on that early bird discount!

There might be a paid beer stop.. there might be a free one, bring your torch to light the way and find trail to what may or may not be free beer! bring cash with you just in case! We may have a BBQ even..  what will this hare surpise us with?!

Bring a whistle, bring a fleshlight, bring a torch, and most importantly.. BRING YOUR VIRGINS!

Next weeks trail on 17 december with be our Nash Hash! The Referee will be laying this trail somewhere in Bahrain! GET READY


If you are Haring within the next 3 weeks, please contact Missionary Impossible (HWMM) and let him know where your traill will be! He will be away for the next 3 weeks and will need the info to update the website when needed! If you dont get the info to him, it will not go online! No web awareness means less attendance at the hash!


Hash # 2476 – 46th Year Anniversary Hash!

Hash # 2476

Date: December 3rd 2018

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Block 338, in the dirt lot behind the multinational school, where we did the Halloween hash.

Hares: Missionary Impossible (HWMM) & TONEDEAF

Occasion: 46th Anniversary of the BH3 and also TONEDEAFS final hash before he fucks off!

What do you need? You will need to bring BD 2 to pay the run fee if you are not a member! bring a torch, a whistle! The trail will be set live so the hares will need a 10 minute head start. There will be a bar stop somewhere.. minimum of bd 2 should be enough for beer.  No walkers trail. runners and walkers will be following the same trail runners should mark all checks!

CURRENT BH3 Members will receive BH3 46th Hashiversary shirts! if you are a member, make sure to be there! if you would like a shirt and you dont live in bahrain anymore, we can mail it to you but you will have to pay the shipping/postage charge! (depends on if there are shirts remaining.)

show up to the hash for a good time! ON On!

Hash # 2475 – Hashing by a Fort!

Hash # 2475

Date: 26/11/2018

Time: 6:00 PM

Hare: Have You Seen My Whistle!

Location: Seef, in a dirt lot down the road from Karbabad Beach, just off of Road 3617!

bring BD 2 for the run if you are not a member, if you want to be a member, see drag queen!  Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring your membership money!  It’s dark and wet so make sure you bring some extra clean shoes and maybe spare clothes or a towel! you will want flash lights, whistles and whatever else can be used to signal a hasher!

see you at the hash! ON ON!