Hash 2373 – Lobster Farm

Hash 2373

Date: Monday, 23/01/17

Time: 6pm or 1800

Where: Lobster Farm (dirt lot by Rugby Club, Janabiya)

its been a while since tarbitrator has laid a trail! so come down and join us for our GM’s first appearance of the year! this may be the last appearance he makes as the GM!

BD 2 for the run + BD per bevy.  Membership is BD 40 for the year (gets you free drinks/ food at on afters, discounts and other stuff!)


Announcement! AGM, Camel Farm Run, and Memberships for 2017!


Memberships – 

We are taking on membership for 2017! There are new prices!  why new prices? well the more you pay.. the more you get in return!

1 year – BD 40 ; 9 months – bd 30 ; 6 months – BD 20 ; 3 months BD 10.

If you are not a member it is BD 2 per run and if you want a drink its BD 1 per bev.

What do you get for being a member?? You will get free bevs and food during on afters and other events as well as possible discounts!

If you sign up for our membership we will even give you a beer!

AGM –  

its about that time to vote on a new mismanagement committee – we will be voting on January 16th in adliya. (location posted later)

We need a new GM, RA, Hare raiser, Hash Cheers, Hash Cash, Haberdasher.

If you would like to be in any of these positions, please show up and put your name up on the board! we will have it with us at the next hash!

Camel Farm Run –

January 21st @ 10am  in the old camel farm in Hamala – BD 8 per person. talk to The Referee if you are interested in going! (we need your nerd name, hash name, number, and shirt size)

Hash 2369 – Boxing Day Hash in Buhair!

Hash 2369

Date : 26th of December 2016

Time: 6pm or 1800! try to show up on time ya wanks!

Hare: Drag Queen.. and Dancing Queen?


So…. from Mina Salman heading west; after adahri park take right lane and exit – to Isa Town; under the flyover then up and round the ramp and to go over the flyover.  Straight across at the lights at Isa Town / Salmabad (as before) Past Manazel on the right, get in right lane and take the Isa Town Gate flyover/overpass, passing the Bahrain Radio & TV center on the right and at the next traffic lights go straight.  At the following lights take the right slip road, passing the petrol station on the left; road bends to the right, past Gulf Daily News building, up a slight incline then downhill.  Take the left turn after the New Indian School – the Water Tower road.  Turn right onto a track and follow signs.

Alternative (Black Hookah – Sitra)  – go through Sitra  – turn right onto Esteglal HWay at Alba/Ramez/pwr station roundabout.  Go straight at 1st lights.  Turn left at next lights. LFS


If you are not a member, it is BD 2 for the run. New membership for 2017 will start after new years day with new prices for membership.

if you want to be on the H3 whatsapp group contact any of the committee members and they will put you on there. dont forget to sign up to our yahoo groups page and facebook!

If you would like to hare please contact Head With My Mom! We cant hash without a hare! contact: 37776844 or email zam4688@gmail.com

upcoming hares:

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2371 9-Jan-17
2372 16-Jan-17 Rock My Weiner Shnitzel
2373 23-Jan-17
2374 30-Jan-17
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2386 24-Apr-17
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2389 15-May-17
2390 22-May-17
2391 29-May-17
2392 5-Jun-17
2393 12-Jun-17
2394 19-Jun-17
2395 26-Jun-17
2396 3-Jul-17




Hash 2364 – A Schnitzel Production

Hash # 2364  – A Schnitzel Production

Date: 21/11/2016

Where? Adliya, Behind the Bellagio (take the side street to Shawarma Alley from JJ’s, pass the Indian Embassy, turn right behind the last building  (Bellagio) before you reach Shawarma Alley)

Why? On this date in 1620, the pilgrims reached America on the Mayflower! We shall celebrate by quenching our thirst with ale after a similar journey as on this trail.

Hares: Rock My Wiener Schnitzel and Schnitzel Sucker. AND IF ANYONE CAN HELP THE WALKERS THAT WOULD BE GREAT THANKS.

Shiggy: 0/5 perfect Bahraini shiggy (a little bit of stray doggy poo and reclaimed land sand)

Time: Hares away at 5:69 Pee-em (6:09PM or 1809 for you muggles)

Bring virgins, bring money for pub ale (±5BD/per pretty mouth), and a fairy light to show us the way!



coordinates: 26°12’57.2″N 50°35’21.0″E

Hash # 2363 – Full Moon Hash – 14/11/2016 – Tonight

Hash # 2363

Date: 14/11/2016

Time: 1800 or 6pm

Location: Dirt lot opposite Royal Bahrain Hospital in Salmaniya area. (not far from the New Millennium School)

Coordinates: 26.212152, 50.570141

Hare: Head With My Mom

Its a full moon hash tonight! This only occurs once every 300 years! so we wont be making this any more special than our other runs! BOO! 
Bring BD 2 for the run and some extra cash for a beer stop!
Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring a sense of humor!

Bahrain Marathon Relay!!

HHHey Hashers!

We are setting up a team to run in the BMR (Bahrain Marathon Relay) which is happening on October 28th! We need runners! it doesn’t matter how fast you are! we just need 16 participants! it would be great if there were a few people to help as transport during the relay and some people to pass out beer and water to the team! if you are interested, hit me up during the next hash or message me on fb or whatsapp.

ill need your full name + Hash name, phone number, and email.. and SHIRT SIZE!!

the race is on october the 28th which is a friday. we will need everyone who is participating to be there on the day of the race before 8am to pass out their run numbers and tell them which leg they are on. if you cant run later during the day, let me know so we can hook you up with an early leg!

we will be giving BH3 Members 1st priority to participate,
BH3 non members 2nd, and then finally other hashers and non hashers.

the sooner you sign up, the better your chances are of getting a personalized BH3 Hash shirt for the BMR. we might be giving out a few other things too! how about some free beer!? who knows! 😉



Head With My Mom aka Zaid
mobile: +97337776844

Hash # 2343 – Miami Park, Janabiya (near Rugby Club)

Hash # 2343

Date: 27/06/2016

Time: 6:00pm or 1800

Hare: Handy Whore Hole

Location: Miami Park, Janabiya (near the Rugby Club)

The hash will start outside the compound. the circle will be held inside the compound at pool/club house. there is parking outside the compound and by the pool side. if security asks for a villa number, tell them Villa 51. Dogs are not allowed in the pool area.


heading to Janabiya, take the exit off of Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway and turn right onto Janabiya Highway. drive down the road till the 2nd traffic signal and turn right onto Avenue 35. Miami Park will be on the right hand side just after the turn for the Rugby Club. Look for HHH signs.

GPS Coordinates: 26.195942, 50.471213

Google Maps to the Hash


July 4th – Independence Day Hash– Gonaria Dish – Palm Royal, Juffair (spanks the turkeys Apt.) this will be an apartment/villa crawl!

July 11th – HWMM and HSB – Adliya (behind the twins fortress aka their house)

July 18th – Hares Needed

July 25th – Hares Needed

August 1st – Hares Needed

August 8th – Hares Needed




Hash 2342 – Beach Villas Budaiya!!

Hash # 2342

Date: 20 June 2016

Time: 1800 or 6:00PM

Hare: Tarbitrator

Location: Beach Villas Budaiya, by the swimming pool!

Google Maps to the Hash

GPS: 26.218608,50.4508484

Directions: From Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway, take the exit on to Janabiya Hwy. Turn Right on to Janabiya Hwy and head North.  When you reach Budaiya Hwy, you will be at a Traffic light. you should be able to go straight at the traffic light. at the end of the road, beach villas should be on your left, on the corner. if you can’t go straight at the light, take the right towards Diraz. Do a U-turn at the Diraz roundabout and head back to the same traffic light. just before that light, you will take a right onto Avenue 36. Drive down Avenue 36.  and LOOK FOR SIGNS 

Park by the swimming pool as the hash will start

It will ending circle will be back at Tarbitrators house.

Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring 1 bd for the run! if you want a bevy, that will cost you 1bd (per can)



Family friendly hash this friday!

Family Friendly Run!

Date: Friday, 17th June 2016
Time: 5:00PM or 1700
Location: Juffair
Hares: Budget Brian et al

Other: Bring kids, bring pets, no swearing, no nudity, food will be provided, beer for adults, juice boxes for kids, raffles, t-shirts, walking trail and runners trail although the run will be short, ‘clean’ song sheet will be provided. 1BD for adult, free for kids. Barbecue after the run, plan to stay a while, small pool, bring swim gear

Also, feel free to bring side dishes or desserts. It is not mandatory but non-bringers will be publicly ridiculed.