BH3 Annual Campout ( Run # 2486 & 2487 )info!

Date: Friday, February 8, 2019

Time: 12:00 PM/ Noon! (you can arrive at camp anytime after 12 pm.)

Registration: 1:30 PM

Location: BH3 CAMP, Sakhir – signs will be posted to guide you from the tree of life (opposite the supermarket)

If you didn’t pay BD 10 (BH3 members) or BD 15 (non members) to RickoShay on Monday, you are out of luck! if you have talked to STTI and Rickoshay, and promised to pay them on Friday and end up not showing up, the cost is on YOU! we are arranging Food and drink as per the number of hashers attending! No late cummers/ walk ins! if you didnt register your name.. you are out of luck!

There will be drinks (beer, wine, a bit of cider(for those who requested) and a cocktail! there will be softies and water for those who don’t drink alcoholic beverages! Dinner and breakfast will be provided! It should be similar to last year! (lets hope the food doesn’t show up late this time ) YES, snacks will be provided.

BH3 Camp Run # 2486 ( BITCH3 Run # 17)

When: Friday at 4 PM or 1600

Hare: Head WIth My Mom/ Missionary Impossible & Co.

Theme: Scouts! Dress like a boy scout, girl scout or scouts anal! Always be prepared.. to get weird!!

Trail will be set in premium white flour from Lulu! There might be trail treasure so keep you eyes open as you run the trail! There are challenges on trail! if you complete all challenges first, there might be a prize for you!

BH3 Camp Run 2487 – The Hangover Run!

When: TBD in the early AM of Saturday morning!

Hare: TBA!! it will be someone at the camp!

The trail will be short.. but feel like it has taken you a decade to complete. IT will be easy.. but seem as if it was the hardest trail you have ever set out on. It will be clear as day… but your sights a blur! Do not give up! do not give in! wipe the sweat off your face, the tears from your eyes!! you will reach your destiny! your prize awaits! a chest! what is in it you ask? it will be filled with the richest, holiest, most divine prizes of them all! Thy Holy Nectar!