Bahrain Red Dress Weekend!!

Bahrain Red Dress Weekend hosted by BBH, BH3, and BITCH3!

5 days of hashing! Starting from Thursday, August 30th 2018 to Monday, September 3rd 2018!

August 30th – Dinner/social – starting at 7pm at Nice Spice, Behind the gulf hotel!  it is Pay as you go! Drinks cost around BD 1 and up! SO BRING YOUR MONIES!!

August 31st – Beer Olympics – costing BD 4 for the run – Includes beer, beer, beer, cocktails, drinking games, more beer, and fun!! show up and have a good time! this is a BITCH3 run!! make sure you come in your Toga as its a Greek/ Roman themed run!! you can also wear your spartan outfits!! This hash will be at the Lobester Farm, Janabiya!! at 4PM!!

September 1st – Black Hash Red Dress RUn will be in Adliya!! starting in the dirt lot behind Head With My Moms house!  at 5 PM or 1700!! BD 1 for the run or BD 4 if you want drinks at the end!! BRING MONIES FOR BEER STOPS! and wear your RED DRESSES!!! its a RED DRESS RUN!!!

September 2nd – Drinking/ Singing Practice! this will be held  in juffair,  starting at Rics Country Kitchen at 4pm for those who do not have work. you will meet again at  7 PM to meet the late cumers who have work!!  You pay as you go!! Drinking start around 3.5 BD!!

September 3rd – Monday – Hashing in Juffair! Its THE ULTIMATE HANGOVER HASH!! The trail will be held near by most of your homes!! it will be set live! Starting Circle will be in the dirt lot between Nasma and DCR buildings in Juffair!! (One Rungs Place)  @  6PM or 1800! BD 2 for if you are not a BH3 member!! at the end of the run, we will be circling on the rooftop of Nasma!!

Make sure to bring cash for Haberdashery!!