BAHRAIN HASH HOUSE HARRIERS Run # 2654 🎭Mardi Gras Hash!!!⚜️

Date: 21-March-2022
Time: 5.00 pm (1700)

Hare: Slither

Location: Um Al Hassam

Trail distances:
Runners:  7km (4.3 miles)
Walkers:  4.5km (2.8 miles)

Note:  Wear purple, green and gold! Beads if you have them. There will be naughty checks and shot stops; expect to ‘earn’ some beads by showing a little bit of skin.

There will also be an on-after! King cake provided by the hare, let Slither know if you’d like to make something like a rice dish or gumbo!

Bring money for a beer stop, and don’t forget your torch and hash socks! Just because the hash is in Um Al Hassam doesn’t mean there won’t be shiggy. 😉