Run #2675


Run # 2675
Date: 08-Aug-2022
Time: 5.30 pm 1730 hrs.

Spank The Turkey & Just Hashem

Happiness Happens Day. (Yep there’s a day for that too 😁)

Well, happiness happens when you put hashers and beers together πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‰.
There you go, ya wankers! An excuse of a day to get wasted and be happy about it πŸ˜‚.

Dress Code:
As little as possible 😜 (Too f**king hot for a sweater πŸ˜…)

On In:
Dirt lot opposite Palm Royal, Juffair.

On After:
Spank’s place. Palm Royal,
Roof pool.

Trail distance:
Runners & Walkers: 3.0 km (2 miles) – consider it your cheat day, runners. Take a load off 😝

On On β‡ž


BH3 RUN # 2615

Bahrain Hash House Harriers Run # 2615

Social Distance Hash 2.0

Date: 21 June 2021

Time: 6:00 pm (1800)

Hare: Vergin Manwich

Location: Juffiar, dirt lot behind Sukoon Tower next to Terraces of Juffair

Fee: No run fee.

BYOB or water to drink on trail.
Might have one beer stop/depending on hare
Trail will be laid in flour.

Trail distance:
Runners-8-12 km.
Walker’s-3-4 km.

Make sure to follow all social distancing procedures and follow all the β€œrules”

No groups larger than 6.

No circle before or after! Only stay at the On-On if you have a virgin with you. If not, show up, park your car, and start the hash!

Masks at all times for the walkers.

Hare will post when the trail is laid.

Run # 2604 – easter!!

Alright boys and girls! Here is tomorrows hash info!

Bahrain hash house harriers
Run # 2604
Date: 05/04/2021
Time: 6:00 pm
Hare: head with my mom
Location: dirt lot by heads house!

Dropped pin

Occasion: easter and heads birthday!

Fee: bd 1

Follow all covid guidelines, wear masks.. social distance (2 meters).. bring money for a beer stop or two!! You will need a few bd at each stop!

Trail will be live!! There will be a few checks and many true trail arrows! Trail will be in blue chalk and possibly flour when needed!

Hash # 2596 – hashing in Adliya!

BH3 # 2596
Date: Monday 8th Feb 2021
Time: 6:00 PM
Hares RickO’shae and Just John
Location: Adliya, dirt lot near Belagio (across from Ferrari center)

Wear your masks, we will be practicing social distancing for the next few weeks. Max of 30 hashers at the meet up so feel free to spread out at the start.

If trail is set, you may run it earlier in the day. That will be announced on whatsapp. If its not ready, please hash at 6 pm or later.

Bring a torch, it will be dark and you will need to see trail! Trail will be in premium white flour unless the hare says other wise. Ignore hellow chalk markings (Those are from the other hash! )

Rd No 2627, Manama, Bahrain,50.589512

BH3 Run # 2595 – Hashing in Salman City!

BH3 RUN # 2595
Date: 01/02/2021
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Salman City – Dirt lot – Click here for google map location!
Fee: BD 1 or become a member! See Drag Queen for details.
Hare: Head With My Mom

Trail will be laid with CHALK. What you might find on trail? Lines, True Trail Arrows, Checks, Falsies, YBF (You’ve Been Fucked), Naughy Checks, Check Back, Picture Checks, Walker & Runner split, Turkey Eagle split , Shot check, BN (Beer Near) and BH (Beer Here).

There will be a drink stop on trail!

If you want haberdashery, please bring your money and see SLITHER! hes got shirts, cozys, patches and more!

See you at the hash!