Date: 23/08/2021

Time: 18:00 pm (06:00 pm)

Hare: Rafree & Dirty Dog
Location : Adliya
The Rafree & Dirty Dog I will be providing you another trail for celebrating Rafree becoming a Grandpa
Not sure how far the trail will be or if there will be beer 🍻Come find out Bring virgins, friends who ever, Bring a torch, virgins for sacrifice, stories, songs, socks I don’t know 
Make sure to follow all social distance procedures and follow all “rules”.  We are back to yellow!  So space out and bring your masks!
Masks at all times for walkers
There will be a beer stop and maybe more!  Hash beers will be given for down-downs in the circle. 
TrailDistance will be declared on the day 

Dropped pin

Rd No 3831

Rd No 3831 · Manama, BahrainManama,

Fee: Free for members!         Non members pay 1BD