21st July – 2237 & 28th July – 2238

Run Number 2237 –

Note – 2238 follows as Hareraiser on leave
Date: Monday 21st July, 2014 @ 17:30
Location: Nadeem School, Um alHassan
Hare: Call Girl & PFM
Occasion: last run of Ramadan

Bring a Torch – Bring a friend!

Confused? – Call 17862620


Run Number 2238
Date: Monday 28th July, 2014 @ 17:30
Location: Beach Villas compound in Budaya
Hare: Curved balls
Occasion: last run of Ramadan
Directions: from Mina Salman pass the grand mosque and Manama then pass the Seefarea head to the Burgerland roundabout. take the Budaya road and keep going over4 roundabouts passing Alosra/McDonalds and cross the next roundabout at Duraz. Just after the pedestrian crossing and before the next roundabout at Budaya look for signs on the right and turn right which will take you to the water tower turn left just after this into the compound.


Alternative route: from Meena Salman head on the King Fahad Causeway Road andtake the Budaya exit just before the Saudi Causeway. at the exit turn right along the Janabiya highway towards Budaya; at that Budaya roundabout turn right, and head to the next roundabout (Duraz) at this you will double back towards the Budaya roundabout just after the pedestrian crossing take the exit on the right just before it at the water tower and look for signs (may be no signs)


21st July – 2237 – Call Girl & PFM – Nadeem School
28th July – 2238 – Curved balls – Beach Villas compound in Budaya
4th Aug – 2239 – the referee – Jaffair – 3 lights look for signs

11th Aug – 2240 – Tarbitrator

18th Aug – 2241 – your name could be here